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Litigation Preparation
By Michael Opton

In any type of litigation, when a client has to testify, credibility is of primary importance. That means more than telling the truth. It means conducting oneself in such a way that the client does not have to explain bad conduct to the court later on. Emails, voice mails and other correspondence may all be evidence and should be made with court review in mind.

Where necessary, we advise our clients on how they should conduct themselves in the course of litigation, in communication with the other side and in the presentation of their case.

Judges start deciding cases as soon as they start listening to the evidence. Behavior that needs explaining may be harmful and detracts from the lawyer’s presentation.

Attorney Michael Opton

Michael Opton

For over 44 years, Michael Opton has been counseling clients in a broad array of matters, including business transactions, real estate matters, family law issues, and estate matters. Over the course of his career, he has learned what people who are looking for legal services, should both look for, and avoid.

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