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What Makes A Good Contract?
By Michael Opton

A good contract clarifies the issues and helps the parties make good decisions. Important agreements should be written down. Agreements that involve a significant investment or risk of loss should be written to defuse the risk, limit the loss, limit uncertainty and ambiguity, help solve future problems, and help achieve success.

Whatever the subject of the agreement, the participants won’t be aware of all the issues and won’t have the experience of working out a clear contract to reflect what the parties intend.

Get a lawyer to help. A clear contract is cheaper than a lawsuit later on.

By clarifying each party’s understanding of the contract, the lawyer raises and resolves many issues that otherwise might be difficult to resolve.

A good contract will help clarify the parties’ agreement and set out how future issues are to be resolved.

Attorney Michael Opton

Michael Opton

For over 44 years, Michael Opton has been counseling clients in a broad array of matters, including business transactions, real estate matters, family law issues, and estate matters. Over the course of his career, he has learned what people who are looking for legal services, should both look for, and avoid.

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