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Read Everything Your Lawyer Sends You
By Michael Opton

If your lawyer does not send bills, then insist on getting them. Read everything that the lawyer sends you. Call the lawyer immediately with any questions you might have. If you have concerns about the bills, raise them right away; do not wait until later. Be sure to read your retainer agreement. Each lawyer has their own retainer agreement and may refer to it as a “standard retainer agreement.” This does not mean that it is the relationship you want or need. So read the retainer agreement and if you have questions about it, address those questions and make changes where the two of you can agree.

Attorney Michael Opton

Michael Opton

For over 37 years, Michael Opton has been counseling clients in a broad array of matters, including business transactions, real estate matters, family law issues, and estate matters. Over the course of his career, he has learned what people who are looking for legal services, should both look for, and avoid.

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